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new loyalty rewards program!

Good afternoon lovelies!

I hope you are doing well and are soaking up every bit of this sunshine we finally have today! My husband and I are taking off to Washington over the week of Memorial Day so I know I am!

Today I wanted to do a quick update and let you know about an exciting new offer I'm rolling out...I officially launched a new Loyalty Rewards Program! You know how all those times you get so excited to redeem your points at Sephora, Ulta, Target, etc? Well, I want to do the same for you! It is completely free to join and I will keep track of your points as they add up so all you have to do is save. I want to reward you for purchases and actions that many of you are already doing at every appointment, and give you some new, easy, free ideas to help you earn cash back! When you enroll in the rewards program, you are also automatically entered for a drawing each month where I will give away a surprise gift to one lucky winner! Who doesn't like that?!

Here's the program broken down below:

Allison's Loyalty Rewards Program:

20 points: Refer in a friend

(plus receive an additional $15 off your next service! This is the easiest way to build up points and there is no limit to how many or how often you send new people in - I love them all! Example: send in 3 friends every month and you rack up $45 off your next service = free haircut!)

10 points – spend $150 or more on one service ticket + 1 point for each additional dollar spent

10 points spend $75 or more on one product ticket

10 pointsprebook your next appointment

10 pointsadd on a conditioning treatment

10 points purchase a gift certificate of $50 or more

5 points purchase a gift certificate of $50 or less

[Easy + free ways below!]

5 points write a review about your experience on social media (facebook, google, yelp, etc)

5 pointsfollow my social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Periscope)

5 points post a picture/shoutout of your hair and tag me in it on social media

5 pointsshare my website or invite people to follow my social media pages

Once you hit 100 points you can redeem your points, or save them up for bigger offers!

100 points: receive a complimentary conditioning treatment

500 points: receive $25 off the service of your choice + $10 off a product purchase!

1000 points: receive $75 off the service of your choice + $25 off a product purchase!

2000 points: receive a complimentary color service of your choosing + 1 free product of your choosing!

I hope this is something that you can get excited about and will tell your family and friends! I am so thankful for you and every other wonderful client of mine. I know there are thousands of stylists to choose from, so I am so grateful for every time you choose me.

If you have loved your experience and have an extra minute, I would greatly appreciate it if you would write a review on my Facebook page or email me a testimonial at Thank you and have a wonderful rest of your week!

much love,


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